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Our Mission

Kingdom Recovery Center is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the social and spiritual lives of those who have been affected by alcohol, drugs and other addictions by providing a safe, substance free and welcoming environment for individuals and groups seeking to strengthen their recovery and promote healthy lifestyles.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich the social lives of individuals, families, and communities who have been affected by substance use and misuse.


Excellence: We follow standards that we have set to cultivate an atmosphere of peer professionalism with non-judgmental compassion. Our facility and conduct represent a clean, safe, welcoming, positive experience for all.


Empowerment: Through education, support, and encouragement, we empower all people to make the best choices to fill their own needs for healing and growth in their lives.


Community: We genuinely and transparently collaborate with our community partners toward an effort to holistically serve and support the human being and the community as a whole.

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