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Recovery Coaching & Family Coaching


A recovery coach is a peer in long-term recovery who helps you create a vision for your recovery, define your goals, and help you work toward achieving those goals. A coach will ask questions and listen. You lead the way in your journey to recovery. You decide what your recovery will look like. A coach will assist you in developing your own personal goals for a life in recovery. A recovery coach helps to clarify your vision for a better life and take action. Together, you and your coach will explore what steps and services will help you succeed in your recovery.


Coaches accept harm reduction, MAT and all pathways to recovery judgement free.


Family coaches are individuals in long-term recovery that have an insight to what addiction truly is. Addiction not only affects the person, but all those around them. Family coaching offers recovery for the family and friends as well. It is designed to support and guide friends and family members of loved ones with a substance use issue.

All of our services are free of charge.

A recovery coach does not:

  • Provide screening and assessments.

  • Monitor abstinence.

  • Dictate any path of recovery.

  • Tell the recovering person what to do. It is a peer-to-peer working relationship.

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