Moms In Recovery Program


The Moms in Recovery Program carves out a safe, judgment-free space for moms in recovery to connect and bridge the gap between their sobriety and community.


By connecting mothers and their children to a wide variety of services, participants of the program are able to grow their sobriety. Mothers learn how to express their feelings more effectively and build healthier relationships with themselves and their children.


It is for pregnant women as well as any and all mothers who are in recovery from substance use disorder and are looking for a better way to live for themselves and their family — a place moms can be authentic and truthful about their journey as a parent in recovery.


The program consists of one-on-one recovery coaching, a mix of topic-led and open discussion groups, and children friendly events. There are partner programs offered such as Nurturing Parenting with Prevent Child Abuse and a local Food and Nutrition Education program offered by interest and availability.



Arial Beaulac | New Moms in Recovery Coordinator

Recovery Date: July 1, 2017

Personal Pathway: Celebrate Recovery (Christian 12-program)

Passion: Arial uses her past experiences to help others in recovery by relating to their struggles and helping them get connected to the recovery community.

Personal Mantra: “I am a new creation in Christ.” 2 Corth. 5:17. And Stay Positive!


Arial has worked in the field for almost three years in peer recovery support services. As the Program Coordinator of the New Moms in Recovery, Arial has participated in the Vermont Recovery Coach Academy (2018) and multiple Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery trainings. She is also a trainer of the CCAR model.

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